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What We Do

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DCRCC is the designated State Sexual Assault Coalition for the District of Columbia providing survivor-centered advocacy through therapeutic services, training and technical assistance, community education, public policy initiatives as well as volunteer opportunities. More specifically:

  • Individual & group counseling (English and Spanish)
  • A 24-hour crisis hotline (202-333-RAPE)
  • Community education & outreach
  • Training & technical assistance
  • Public policy & legislative Initiatives
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Undergraduate and graduate internship opportunities


DCRCC believes that forming effective relationships with various community groups, local and federal governments, corporations, and other nonprofits is the most effective way to support survivors of sexual assault and create a world free from sexual violence. DCRCC is proud of our current collaborations:

  • DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence (DCCADV)

    • DCRCC is in partnership with DCCADV around informing policy and legislative initiatives on behalf of survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.
  • Victim Assistance Network (VAN)

    • DCRCC is a part of the VAN through the Office of Victim Services. DCRCC sits on the Mental Health Committee as well as the Policy Committee. We also participate in the general membership meetings.
  • White House Task Force on Sexual Assault

    • DCRCC is a part of ongoing conversations with the White House around best practices for serving survivors of sexual assault on college campuses.
  • Fair Budget Housing Coalition

    • DCRCC is a member of the Fair Budget Housing Coalition that address the housing needs of various communities in the District of Columbia with a special emphasis on vulnerable populations.
  • Domestic Violence Resource Project/Asian Pacific Islander (DVRP)

    • DCRCC is in partnership with DVRP. We provide training and technical assistance around implementing and evaluating their sexual assault program as it relates to the Asian Pacific Islander Community.



Please see the No Straight Path section of the website for more detailed information and additional resources.


STRATEGIC PLAN 2015-2018 coming soon


DC Rape Crisis Center
5321 First Place NE
Washington, DC 20011
Business: 202-232-0789
TTY: 202-328-1371
Fax: 202-723-0480
Hotline: 202-333-7273