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Training Requests

DCRCC maintains an experienced staff for on-site, telephone, and online assistance. Whatever the challenge, we work to meet the needs of the client by considering the nature of the assignment, the geographic region, cultural appropriateness, and client timeline sensitivities.

Our staff and consultants can offer expert technical assistance in a variety of areas including, but not limited to:

  • Community Educators – to find out more please email
  • Curriculum Development and Instructional Design – developing competency-based professional and personal development opportunities through toolkits for self-study, on-site training sessions, and coaching
  • Evaluation – developing an evaluation plan and using results to improve program process and outcomes
  • Group Facilitation – serving as a neutral convener to keep discussions organized and participatory, and to ensure that all voices are heard and respected
  • Leadership and Team Development – building the capacity of individuals to serve as trainers, teach skills, build toolkits and manage relationship and group dynamics
  • Networking and Information Exchange facilitate skill sharing and building knowledge across disciplines
  • Policy and Systems Change  assisting at every stage of policy involvement, from creating a policy agenda to building a united voice in support of policy priorities; making the transition from program delivery to policy advocacy; building competence on evidence-based policies
  • Strategic and Action Planning – engaging and communicating with stakeholders; establishing a strategic direction (creating a vision, mission, goals, etc.); developing an implementation plan and action steps
  • Youth Development – integrating developmental outcomes and theory into program design and youth worker training
  • Dynamics of Oppression – supporting organizations in building internal and external capacity to integrate knowledge of forms of oppression; offering tools for recognizing barriers to service and promoting equity for marginalized identities
  • Experiential Learning Design – utilizing movement, outdoor education, interactive activities, creative arts and a participant driven facilitation approach to create dynamic learning environments; catering to multigenerational audiences and varying learning styles



How much does it cost to book a presenter?

We normally expect those requesting our services to meet the speaker’s travel and accommodation costs. These arrangements will be agreed upon between you and DCRCC, directly.

T&TA fees can depend on a number of different factors, including: the type of organization and nature of an event (for-profit vs. not-for-profit), how far a speaker has to travel, length and number of presentations, preparation required, and demand for a speaker’s services. Negotiation of cost will be determined once a request is made.

What does DCRCC expect from you?

  • T&TA should be requested using the request form. Please do not make multiple approaches to different people at DCRCC, as this can cause confusion and duplication of effort.
  • Please try to give as much notice as possible when you require a training. Two to three months advance notice is ideal.
  • Please give us as much information as possible about your request, including the purpose of the training, frequency, date, time and audience numbers.
  • Please ask for permission to publish presentations on your website or in a conference or other program. The material may be copyrighted.
  • Please copy on any correspondence you have with the presenter prior to or after your event.

Submit a Technical Assistance Request

If you feel that the DCRCC can be of assistance to your program, we invite you to complete and submit a Training and Technical Assistance Form. Additionally, call us at 202-618-5089 or send an email to Whether your request is basic or complex, we want to assist you. If you are unable to describe your exact requirements at this time, our staff can also help you define those needs. One of our staff members will respond to you promptly, review your request, and determine the next steps. Please submit all requests to Chandra Dawson at or 202-618-5088.

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