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School Programming

School Programming

DCRCC is fortunate to be a long time partner of DC Public Schools, providing regular programming to students, caregivers and school personnel. In our renewed commitment to capacity building, we invite schools to ask us about training for adults, train the trainers, and ongoing TA to advance the goals of consent education and violence prevention more holistically. Associated costs will be discussed during a consultation.

Please contact Chandra Dawson at to request a workshop or training for a school affiliated audience(s). Response is linked to current staff and educator availability.

Available Student Workshops:

“Consent Is” Multi Session Youth Curriculum

Program Overview:
“Consent Is: Multi-sessions” is a three part workshop series designed for middle school and high school students as an introduction to key understandings of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and dating violence. The workshops reinforce the concepts of consent and healthy relationships by providing a relevant context to examine the experiences and concerns of adolescence.

Workshop 1: “Sexual Assault and Consent 101” provides the foundational definitions needed to recognize sexual violence and challenge prevalent misinformation.

Workshop 2: “The Dynamics of Sexual Harassment” introduces sexual harassment as a form of sexual violence, providing students with definitions for various forms of unwanted sexual attention.

Workshop 3: “Building Healthier Relationships” explores the common qualities and behaviors of healthy relationships and boundary setting. Dating violence is examined as emotional, physical, and sexual abuse and differentiated from healthy relationships.

Who Should Attend? This training is for middle school and high school students. The workshop series requires three sessions for completion of the curriculum.

Student Action Student Strength

Program Overview:
Student Action Student Strength (SASS) is a youth development curriculum available to partnering middle and high schools within Washington, DC. Trained community advocates serve as instructors that facilitate school-based clubs. The curriculum utilizes a variety of tools such as media analysis, role-play, individual and group projects, collaborative art, facilitated dialogue, and team-building exercises.

Student Action Student Strength (SASS) Clubs for students of all gender identities promoting the values of informed consent, positive self-image, and healthy self-expression. Our SASS Clubs have the additional goals of supporting student advocacy by promoting a culture of peer support and peer accountability. The program also engages the adults in these youths’ lives by utilizing a co-facilitation strategy that incorporates a school based staff member.

Student Action Student Strength Clubs can serve as a microcosm for creating a culture of consent. Each group is built on the tenets of safety, belonging, leadership, mutuality, curiosity, respect and depth of learning and relationship. Participants and facilitators alike are empowered to foster group cohesion and empathy by engaging in honest dialogue about lived experiences, fears, goals and by sharing skills and insights that promote healthy relationships with self and others.

Who should attend?   This 12-36 week curriculum is available to middle and high school students. To introduce it to another age group or for a shorter amount of time, submit your requests to for consideration. Clubs are on a first come first serve basis for the following school year. Priority is given to returning clubs.

It’s My Body—Body Safety Workshops
Program Overview:
For over 25 years, students in DC classrooms have enthusiastically received our interactive and age- and grade-appropriate presentations. The presentations explore with children the difference between safe and unsafe touches, the importance of listening to their bodies, the basics of safety planning, tools for consent, and how to seek help from peers and trusted adults in an empowering and engaging format. Using experiential learning principles, participants will engage in theater, art, and games to explore the concepts of expression, communication, and boundaries.

Who should attend?  This stand alone or recurring hour long workshop is designed for preschool and elementary audiences, tailored accordingly to developmentally related needs.

The DC Rape Crisis Center's Response to COVID-19

The DC Rape Crisis Center is deeply committed to the health, wellness and saftey of our clients, as well as the broader community. Out of abundance of caution, and in accordance with the COVID-19 pandemic, the DC Rape Crisis Center is suspending in person services, and will be delivering services remotely until further notice. 

Our therapists will be providing virtual counseling services to youth & young adults, as well as adults who need our support during this challenging time.You can still call or email to schedule an intake appointment for services.  For adults you may reach out to Rubi Mancilla at 202-470-1188 or

For Youth and Young Adults you may call Alyza Weinberg at 202-470-1530 or

Our advocates are available via our 24/7 hotline please reach out if you need support 202-333-RAPE.

If you are any agency and would like to request training and technical assistance virtually please reach out to Chandra Dawson at 202-618-5088 or

We know that these are challenging, and unprecedented times right now.  The staff at the DC Rape Crisis Center will continue to create pathways for your healing journey. If you have any further questions please reach out to

We are wishing you, and your loved ones good health. Take care and be well.