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Powering a Culture of Consent – Training & Technical Assistance

DCRCC boasts a long legacy of community education. This inheritance is central to our culturally specific and participant focused model of training. As we’ve listened to the needs and questions of survivors and community members, we’ve become passionate about expanding our reach. In the next five years DCRCC seeks to evolve from a community education framework to a culture of capacity building. In this way, a train the trainer mindset will emphasize leadership development, customized technical assistance responses, information sharing through print and web based platforms, and the cultivation of a robust core training that can be tailored to support and grow advocacy, and resource sharing in the DC community.

Training and Technical Assistance is one vehicle for powering a culture of consent. As we live into this evolution, we welcome your experience, your ideas, your participation, and your creativity. Together, we will empower our communities with the tools and skills we need to create social change, advance justice, and foster healing.

Training & Technical Assistance Principles:

  1.  Content Breadth-we work to be relevant in our training by examining intersecting issues, diverse community needs, complex identities, structural oppression, plural histories and root causes of sexual violence.
  2.  Experiential Learning-we incorporate the lived experiences and insights of individuals by building participant focused and led learning environments that appeal to diverse learning styles, knowledge levels and audience backgrounds.
  3.  Practice and Application-we design interactive learning opportunities created to allow for exploration, curiosity, collaboration and creativity. We value depth of relationship and self awareness as we promote compassionate and informed responses to survivors.
  4.  Transferrable skills and understandings-we encourage participants to draw connections and think innovatively by drawing from multiple disciplines and knowledge sources in the creation and facilitation of training. In this way, we model our value of critical thinking and promote practical application and engaged learning.

What We Do

  • Provide a wide range of customized training and technical assistance to meet your specific needs.
  • Develop competency –based professional development opportunities through toolkits for self-study, on-site training sessions, and coaching.
  • Plan institutes, retreats and conferences that provide supportive, interactive learning opportunities to enhance the work of allied health professionals, schools and organizations.


DCRCC’s Training and Technical Assistance provides a variety of onsite, in-person trainings, which are tailored to audience expertise and interests.  CONTACT US to find out more about our customized training options.

We conduct trainings, offer consultations and technical assistance, develop specialized curriculum, and assist task forces and coalitions with capacity building and promoting sustainability.  We’re committed to being compassionate, trauma informed and culturally sensitive in all of our training and technical assistance.