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Make A Gift That Lasts Forever

Power a Culture of Consent – Make A Gift that Lasts Forever
Endowed Gifts: Getting Started
Each year we rely on your generous support, along with the gifts of many others, to help us carry out our work.  But did you know you can support DCRCC’s mission even after you pass away by leaving an endowed gift—an enduring statement of your support.

How It Works
What is an Endowment?

When you make an endowed gift, your contribution is invested with and becomes part of our endowment. An annual distribution is made for the purpose you designate. Because the principal remains intact, the fund will generate support in perpetuity. You can give cash, securities or other assets to an endowment you create. Or, you can contribute to DCRCC’s already established endowment.

Let’s say you would like to make sure a qualified charitable organization receives $1,000 every year after your lifetime, and the organization spends 4 percent of its endowment each year. This means that the organization spends that amount and any earnings over that are reinvested in the fund for future growth. 

To calculate the amount needed to perpetuate your gift in this example, divide the annual gift amount, $1,000, by the amount called for in the spending policy, 4 percent, and you get $25,000. So, contributing just $25,000 can continue your $1,000 annual gift forever.

ENDOW YOUR GIFT1At a 4 percent endowment spending level, 25 times an annual gift amount supports our mission in perpetuity.
If your annual gift is: Perpetuate it by giving”
$100 $ 2,500
$ 250 $ 6,250
$ 500 $ 12,500
$ 1,000 $ 25,000
$ 2,500 $ 62,500
$ 5,000 $ 125,000

How to Complete Your Gift
To extend your support of DC Rape Crisis Center after your lifetime, consider these five factors when establishing an endowed gift.

1. Choose if you’d like the endowment to be an unrestricted or designated fund.
With an unrestricted fund, our leadership will direct your gift to our most critical needs. Many of our supporters endow their annual gifts into an unrestricted fund.

With a designated fund, you determine in advance what programs or services you want your donation to support. The specific details will be incorporated into a written description of your endowment, which must be approved by you and DC Rape Crisis Center.

2. Decide if you’d like to fund your endowment now or after your lifetime.
If you choose to establish a designated fund through your estate, we encourage you to let us know of your wishes in advance to be sure we can honor them. We have sample language to establish an endowment that you can share with your attorney when drafting your estate plan.

3. Determine the amount needed.
Any amount can be contributed now or upon your death to an endowment that we have already established. If you are creating an endowment today, we can inform you of the minimum amount required to establish a fund that we can name after you or someone you select. If you intend to create a designated or named endowment through your estate, however, we recommend that you:

  • Specify a minimum amount in your will or living trust.
  • Include a provision directing your executor to distribute more funds if needed to meet any future changes in the minimum amount to start an endowment.

4. Include safety language for designated funds.
Nationwide, millions of dollars directed to permanent endowments are sitting in bank accounts because the original use of the funds has become obsolete. This is why we encourage you to include a statement that allows our board of directors to redistribute the funds to another area if the original use is no longer necessary. We can provide you with the language to avoid your fund becoming obsolete. This won’t be necessary if your gift is left unrestricted. We will ensure that your name still remains associated with the gift, regardless of its final use.

5. Lean on us for help.
Contact us at

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