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Sister Action Sister Strength Educators present our “SASS” program to local students in middle and high schools. Educators are tasked with creating a peer mentoring group for young women to prevent peer-to-peer perpetration of violence amongst adolescents. To do so, we aim to change cultural norms related to consent, flirting, sexual misconduct, and bystander intervention. Educators receive specific input in relation to gender inequality and violence against women and girls, and aim to provide scripts, strategies and tools to address cyber-bullying, inappropriate attitudes and intimidating behavior.

Consent Is: Multi-sessions Educators employ a three part workshop series designed for middle school and high school students as an introduction to key understandings of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and dating violence. The workshops reinforce the concepts of consent and healthy relationships by providing a relevant context to examine the experiences and concerns of adolescence.

Community Educators are expected to serve 10 hours a month for at least one year, which will be broken up differently based on the program in which you are facilitating.


DC Rape Crisis Center Speakers Bureau (Launching Fall 2016)

The Speakers Bureau is a vehicle to raise awareness and combat rape myths and misinformation. The Speakers Bureau is comprised of a small corps of public speakers who are deployed as representatives of DCRCC to deliver presentations, lectures and informal talks to community based organizations, schools, colleges and universities, churches and small businesses.

This service position requires participation in an intensive 50 hour training followed by bi-weekly meetings and be deployed at least once a month for speaking engagements. Speakers are asked to make a minimum commitment of one year.

Speakers learn through experience and are assisted through bimonthly meetings which provide content knowledge around topic areas related to consent, and the dynamics and impacts of sexual assault and coaching to improve individual communication and presentations skills.

Interested in joining our Speakers Bureau?

Please complete our volunteer application. We will keep your application on file and contact you at the launch of our program.

DC Rape Crisis Center Campus Chapters (Coming Soon)

Within the youth lies power and a wellspring of ideas for innovation. Young people have become some of the world’s strongest advocates of civil society, and important partners in powering a culture of consent. A campus chapter is an unincorporated, student-run, student-led organization on a high school or college campus that partners with their local sexual assault coalition to perform three main functions: fundraising, educating and advocating. Each Campus Chapter is required to have an adviser. A campus chapter adviser must be on the faculty or staff of your school.

Interested in starting a Campus Chapter?

We are not currently accepting applications for new chapters. However, if you would like to start a chapter at your school, please email with your name and school and we will contact you when we open applications for new chapters.