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Board of Directors & Advisory Board

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DC Rape Crisis Center Board of Directors

DCRCC’s Board of Directors provides executive leadership to the DC Rape Crisis Center. Its primary role is to support the Executive Director in fulfilling the mission of eradicating sexual violence. The Board of Directors is entrusted with supporting the health and wellness of DCRCC, amplifying the leadership and stewardship of the Executive Director, and preserving the integrity of DCRCC’s mission, vision and core values. The Board of Directors is accountable to the interests and rights of survivors of sexual violence and works to increase the Washington DC community’s capacity to power a culture of consent. The responsibilities of Board Members include resource development, governance, strategic planning and performance evaluation.

This two year commitment includes attending quarterly meetings, fundraising and serving as a brand ambassador promoting public awareness of DCRCC’s role, relevance and mission.

DC Rape Crisis Center Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is comprised of thoughtful, informed and dedicated individuals who provide guidance and support in actualizing the core values of equity, consent, critical inquiry, intersectionality, accessibility and creativity. The role of the Advisory Board is to support the Executive Director in conjunction with the Board of Directors in making decisions that allow DCRCC to further its mission of powering a culture of consent.

This two year commitment includes monthly meetings and opportunities to respond to on the ground efforts, and inform action steps that increase DC’s capacity to respond to the needs of survivors of sexual assault. The Advisory Council brings together a diverse community perspective to respond to social justice issues that impact citizens and create barriers to powering a culture of consent.

Board of Directors and Advisory Board members are recruited and selected by the Executive Director in conjunction with current board members.