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DCRCC’s mission, vision and implementation of The Civic Engagement Team builds upon the contributions made by each person who has touched and served DCRCC since its inception in 1972. DCRCC works earnestly to center volunteers in all of our work and desires to equip the unique skills, networks, and passions which exist in our community. Identifying and igniting these assets gives us the vision, movement and tools to empower survivors and launch forward the rights of all people; reimagining together a world where consent is expected and respected, power is not gained through acts of sexual violence and all people have the space to be themselves without fear of oppression.

With this vision we are moving forward and creating every day. DCRCC moves with a deep passion, a competent team, a strong leader, a rich history, and a creative plan. With all we hope to create and accomplish, we are committed to continually building out our team and encourage you to browse our programs to see if there is any way you would like to join us in powering a culture of consent.

If you would like to talk with someone about Civic Engagement opportunities, volunteering, internships, fellowships, or have any questions, please call (202.470.0789) or email us!

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