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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Rekomendasi Film Horor yang Hendak Tayang Pertengahan Hingga Akhirusanah 2019

Dari sekian penuh genre film yang engkau tonton, apa yang menyimpangkan disukai? Apakah film action, supernatural, comedy, romance / justru film horor? Masing-masing genre film memiliki tisu cerita yang sangat memukau yang selalu bisa membawa penontonnya hanyut dan tiru masuk ke dalam cerita. Kamu yang hobi sungguh nonton film horror, pasti tahun ini memiliki kesibukan […]

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The DC Rape Crisis Center's Response to COVID19

The DC Rape Crisis Center is deeply committed to the health, wellness and saftey of our clients, as well as the broader community. Out of abundance of caution, and in accordance with DC Government's decision to extend closures, the DC Rape Crisis Center is suspending in person services, and will be delivering services remotely until April 27, 2020. 

Our therapists will be providing virtual counseling services to children, teens and adults who need our support during this challenging time.You can still call or email to schedule an intake appointment for services.  For adults you may reach out to Rubi at 202-470-1188 or For children, and teens you may call Alyza at 202-470-1530 or

Our advocates are available via our 24/7 hotline please reach out if you need support 202-333-RAPE.

If you are any agency and would like to request training and technical assistance virtually please reach out to Chandra at 202-618 5088 or

We know that these are challenging, and unprecedented times right now.  The staff at the DC Rape Crisis Center will continue to create pathways for your healing journey. If you have any questions please reach out to

We are wishing you, and your loved ones good health. Take care and be well.